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Blast Services

Our team will provide the best service for your surface preparation needs

At Specialized Blast Services Inc., we offer our customers only the best in surface preparation services.  Our approach is very professional, bringing with us decades of industry experience.  Below is what our typical project services include:

  • Detailed quoting (including site visit to assess project properly)
  • Equipment set-up
  • Prepare and blast all surfaces, to your specified requirements, using the patented FasterBlaster system, or traditional environmentally protected process (determined by project type)
  • Clean up and disposal of waste material
  • Leave your surface completely ready for your team to coat and finish
  • Paint/coat your surface for you (based on customer's desire).

What are the advantages of the FasterBlaster system?

  • FasterBlaster is a fully contained system, therefore little/no environmental protection required.
  • Substantially faster production rates
  • No post-project clean-up or disposal of thousands of tonnes of sand
  • Improves project time-line (eliminates the need for enclosed scaffold setup)
  • Less time on site = LESS COST TO THE CUSTOMER!

Who can benefit from our blast services?

Essentially ANYONE in the Industrial Coatings Industry!

Are you a growing company, but don't have immediate access to the specialized equipment you need?

We can accommodate your project with equipment, and the necessary resources to succeed!

  • Sandblasting and Coating contractors
  • General contractors
  • Infrastructure owners
  • Growing companies in the industrial coatings industry

Contact us TODAY for a quote on your specialized blast project!